Term paper format

The formulation of the “conclusions”, not to mention the fact that they, as a rule, do not leave the best impression on the members of the Board on defense, makes the reader, if he is interested, look for himself in the text of the thesis what interesting was obtained in this study. Meanwhile, you as… Read More »

How to write a term paper

Many difficulties for the dissertation also arise in the construction of their own classifications. Consider this example. One graduate student offered the following “blocks” (directions) of professional and pedagogical training of students of the pedagogical institute: activity, behavioral, cognitive, reflexive, emotional. At the same time, the content of these “blocks” was revealed quite interestingly. But… Read More »

How to pick a dissertation topic

Describing the positions of different authors, you should not get involved in a large number of quotes and their size. The work, filled with quotations, makes an unpleasant impression: as if the author has no thoughts of his own, and he replaces them with quotations from other researchers. It is better to present the ideas… Read More »

What is a dissertation abstract

In the process of writing a thesis, you will inevitably constantly fall into the “knight at the crossroads” position, bumping into “logical forks” you can go in this direction, and in this, and in this. There will be a lot of such “forks” on your way, and you, naturally, cannot walk all the ways, the… Read More »

How to write a literature review for a dissertation

It often happens that the plan seems to be good, but when you try to write a section on it, its logic does not line up. This is understandable: it is one thing to “play” the material in the “mind”, so to speak, in mental speech, the other is to put it on paper. After… Read More »