How to pick a dissertation topic

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Describing the positions of different authors, you should not get involved in a large number of quotes and their size. The work, filled with quotations, makes an unpleasant impression: as if the author has no thoughts of his own, and he replaces them with quotations from other researchers. It is better to present the ideas and positions of different authors in your own words, only referring to their works. At the same time, the main commandment is: do not scold your predecessors for the fact that they did not do something that you would have done if you were in their place.

Appreciate what they did. Nor should you criticize your scientific colleagues or practicing teachers working in the neighboring areas of pedagogy and education. If, for example, the dissertation student deals with the issues of postgraduate education of teachers, then it will probably not be entirely ethical to write that pedagogical institutes, in the opinion of the dissertation student, give poor training to their students. It will be better, if necessary, to test or some other “slice” among novice teachers graduates of pedagogical universities, and thus state the actual level of formation of their professional knowledge and skills of the author of dissertation.

And in general, both in written materials and in your oral presentations, be as kind as possible to your colleagues. For scientific communication it is very useful to know such an ancient oriental parable. The shah needed a long-term forecast, and he called for an astrologer. He did the necessary procedures and said: “Oh great! first your first wife will die, then your second wife will die, then your first son will die, then your second son will die, then you will die. Naturally, after such a forecast the astrologer was thrown into a dungeon. After some time, the Shah again wanted to listen to the astrologer. This time the forecast was “different”: “Oh great! you will live longer than your first wife, longer than your second wife ”The astrologer was rewarded and released.

As you can see, absolutely identical information can be transmitted in completely different ways! This must always be remembered. In the theoretical part of the work it is important to understand the history of the development of your problem. Although it can be written very briefly in the thesis. You have to figure out for yourself where these or other concepts, theories, views came from, where their roots are. Without this, there can be no serious progress, especially if you intend to do something substantially new and interesting in science. Especially in the present conditions, when our whole society needs to rethink its own history, it is necessary to rethink many of the postulates, including in the national pedagogy. For example, in pedagogy, the reactionary role played by the illegal dissemination of the ideas of I.P. Pavlov on conditioned reflexes on all social life, including pedagogy.